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Specializing in the strengthening, capacity building & communications and marketing of institutions in the Gulf & North Africa

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Our Emphasis

Providing strategic communications, management & marketing solutions for organizations, governmental, educational and others. A strong focus on mentoring & coaching national teams and leaders for the successful implementation of new missions and visions; writing strategies and strengthening communications content.

Our Expertise

120+ years experience in a wide range of international blue chip experience; from start-ups to building, strengthening and leading organizations; in film, media, journalism, education, government, NGO’s, FMCG, research, technology, innovation and industry.


Years experience


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Our Speciality

We understand the challenging arena of synthesizing western and middle eastern expertise with their varied cultural values and expectations such that partnerships and businesses involving both can succeed instead of fail on the shoals of misunderstandings and misperceptions.

Our involvement:

Within the very sensitive and diverse multicultural context of the Middle East and its
its relations with Europe, Asia and North America, Qadimah has been involved in:

Communications campaigns

developing national, regional and global strategic communications campaigns and teams for universities,
NGO’s, governments and private businesses and producing
the diverse media to accompany them.

Project management

developing and improving university and corporate research management projects and systems.

Academic programs

strengthening academic programs, HR & workforce resource management & capacity.


national public health epidemiological studies and outcomes.

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establishing and providing initial management of globally relevant undergraduate and graduate national research colleges and institutions, developing the strategies & teams needed for them to flourish.

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developing academic inspection, licensing and standards agencies for national educational systems.

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Crisis and reputation management.

Developing partnerships

Developing of biotechnology and industrial partnerships between academia and business.

What colleagues have said about Qadimah’s leadership

Christopher has been a colleague of the highest caliber and I have greatly valued his professionalism and expertise. His communications abilities and diverse experiences…were an immense asset to our ambitious start-up institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia…. His integrity and high ideals are unquestionable. …KAUST has greatly benefited from Christopher Sands’ expertise and contributions
Choon Fong Shih
Founding President | King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
I am glad to emphasize that he would qualify for an adjunct Professorship in his field in any major academic institution. This may be the only title missing to his battery of impressive human and academic assets. His leadership and academic experience have clearly been based on his many years of diverse, practical, entrepreneurial and innovative ventures; all of it in the service of cross-cultural activity, development, exchange and the values of integrity, openness and respect. I recommend Christopher Sands as an exceptional individual, both at the personal and professional level.
Professor James Luyten, Director Emeritus
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution WHOI

Christopher Sands brings the highest personal standards of integrity in working closely with senior leadership. He brings structure and reality to communications, developing direction and a vision and then building a team to accomplish it. He works at the highest levels in any institution to bring consistency and coherence to potentially conflicting agendas. He is truly exceptional, combining a broad intellect with a personal warmth and humor.
Stefan Catsicas
Executive Vice President Nestlé S.A., Chief Technology Officer, Head of Innovation, Technology, Research and Development